925 million

hungry people in this world

1 Food Hunt

feeds 50 hungry people

1 May 2017  - 30 May 2017


The Problem

925 million people in this world are hungry as they do not have access to food. It kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined making hunger world’s no 1 health risk.

The Solution

There is a need to ensure that we help these people get food. If you can’t feed hundred, start with feeding one. 

Team up together for a fun scavenger hunt to help the under privileged. It’s the age old game of treasure hunt for food.

  • Divide in teams of 3-4 and split up to collect the items mentioned on the list from the nearby locality.

  • No one is allowed to buy any item on the list and the team which completes the list first, wins.

  • Ultimate goal is to donate all the food collected to the under privileged while having fun in playing the game.


Create awareness and motivate others to help the cause by clicking pictures and sharing it on social media using #FoodHunt #WYC.


The food collected and donated will ensure atleast 50 under privileged people are fed and will not sleep hungry.

Your contribution will help in achieving Goal 2 of SDGs.


WYC is a leading not-for-profit organization working towards empowering youth development and action. WYC trusts that effervescent, empowered and earnest young people possess the power to change the world if they are supplemented with guided call to actions. The organization works with young aged individuals (12-30) to ensure their self development through workshops, trainings, exploration and activity based unique sessions across the country.

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