The issue of waste management in India is of great importance and highly ignored at the same time, in the public psyche. Delhi alone generates 8,000 metric tonnes of waste per day. At this rate, we will need more land to dispose of waste, more energy for its transportation, emit more harmful gases and pollute our water, air and land.

World Youth Council has initiated the campaign "Waste Aside" to address the problems in the system leading to poor waste management.

  • Waste management and sustainability program for school and college students. The program is not just limited to educating the students about waste disposal and sustainability but creating a sustainable institution by adopting best practices and setting up recycling and composting plants for them.

  • Waste awareness and waste management for events and big public gatherings. The waste management, awareness and sensitization in the masses about the environment and responsible actions are the major areas. We collect, segregate and recycle the waste of the event.  

You can contact us and we promise to enable you in decreasing your carbon foot print and reducing the burden on the environment. You can send us an email at contact@worldyouthcouncil.org and we will get in touch with you!

WYC is a leading not-for-profit organization working towards empowering youth development and action. WYC trusts that effervescent, empowered and earnest young people possess the power to change the world if they are supplemented with guided call to actions. The organization works with young aged individuals (12-30) to ensure their self development through workshops, trainings, exploration and activity based unique sessions across the country.

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