electricity consumption by buildings in 2016

Unplug 1 mobile, 1 laptop and 1 TV saves
24 Watt per hour

1 May 2017  - 30 May 2017

The Problem

Residential and commercial buildings consume approximately 40% of the world’s electricity and contribute approximately 1/3 of Greenhouse Gas emissions. These greenhouse gases lead to global warming, rise in sea levels, ozone layer depletion, adverse effects on bio diversity and other hazardous things.

The Solution

Energy consumption needs to be reduced and it is easy to achieve it by taking care of simple things like switching off when electricity is not in use in and around your area.


We often forget to remove mobile and laptop from charging even after the devices are fully charged; leave electronics on standby mode, etc. which consume a lot of electricity. Let's pledge to unplug energy when not required.


In you school, college and office have a hunt in the whole premise on where the energy is being wasted, catch the culprit device and unplug the energy source. Become an energy savior.

Create awareness and motivate others to help the cause by clicking pictures and sharing it on social media using #UnplugEnergy #WYC.


By unplugging mobile and laptop as soon as they are fully charged and switching off TV instead of putting it on standby, you will be able to saves atleast 24 watt per hour.

Your contribution will help in achieving Goal 7, 12 & 13 of SDGs.


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