The Hands-on Business Challenge 


Are you a student entrepreneur or an aspiring business owner?


Startup Edge is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
We offer transformational competition designed to inspire young people to become innovative change makers. Participants develop creative capacity, entrepreneurial confidence and acquire the necessary skills to build scalable startups that solve real problems.

The entrepreneurship challenge simulates life in a startup by challenging participants to learn new modes of team building, problem solving, design thinking, business model development and pitching to create a working foundation for a viable company.

Unlock your potential and plan your venture today!


Get inspired by technology trends and use design thinking to generate lots of new ideas


Develop a business model and build a prototype so you can demonstrate your idea


Prepare, practice and present your new startup idea to an expert panel and get valuable feedback

Participants are taken through a three day journey where they create startups on one of the themes which are taken up in the competition. Participants are also given a startup from the sector assigned to them. They step into the shoes of the founder of that startup during the simulations round and undergo the experience of running a startup. Post that the participants take the ropes in their hand and create their own startup and pitch it on the final day to the experts. Winners get an opportunity to receive mentorship and support to nurture their startup.


Startup Simulations


Simulations & Real time problem solving


Design Thinking & Strategy


Team building, Ideation, Business Strategy


Startup & Elevator Pitch


Pitch Deck & Presentation, Elevator Pitch

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