13 mn tons
clothes go to landfill causing environmental problems every year

1 Old Jeans
donated prevents 7 pounds of carbon dioxide emmission

750 Jeans Donated
49000 Pounds CO2 prevented

750 Jeans Donated
49000 Pounds CO2 prevented

The Problem

13 million tons of clothing are filling up our landfill every year. They release toxic gases like methane which is 21 times more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide causing climate change, global warming and other environmental hazards.

The Solution


By donating clothes you make sure that your old jeans reach the people in need and not the landfills. Donate your old jeans and promote REUSE by helping someone in need.

Why Jeans?

Jeans are the perfect item to donate. They can be worn multiple times between washes, can be dressed up or dressed down, and provide a sense of normalcy to the person wearing them.

Conduct a week long drive in your college, school, community or office and donate these jeans to the under privileged.

Create awareness and motivate others to help the cause by clicking pictures and sharing it on social media using #PuraniJeans #WYC.


By donating one pair of jeans you will prevent 7 pounds of carbon dioxide emission, promote reusability rather than burdening landfills as well as help the under privileged own new jeans.

Your contribution will help in achieving Goal 1 & 13 of SDGs.


WYC is a leading not-for-profit organization working towards empowering youth development and action. WYC trusts that effervescent, empowered and earnest young people possess the power to change the world if they are supplemented with guided call to actions. The organization works with young aged individuals (12-30) to ensure their self development through workshops, trainings, exploration and activity based unique sessions across the country.

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