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By Diya Padhi

Well said by Felix Frankfurter, “It is a wise man who said that there is no greater inequality than the equal treatment of unequals”. Even after decades of independence and years of development, let’s ask a question to ourselves, “has Caste or Religion based discrimination stopped?”.

Inequality still prevails in many parts of the world - sadly, in almost every part of the world.

These human made barriers of caste and religion have not only resulted in affecting the living standards of the people but also affected them mentally by creating a hierarchy in everyone’s life.

What is important to understand is that it is not enough for everyone to be equal under the law to be called equal, they need to be equal in our eyes as well. Until and unless we start taking steps and initiatives against inequality, it will be elusive to bring a change.

Despite reservation, many Dalits and those from other lower castes face inhuman treatment from other students in their schools, workplaces and social communities. The Hindu-Muslim clashes are something that don't need to be explained for you to know.

Just like the CEO of Oxfam stated, “Inequality in India is absolutely obscene”. Unless the mindset of people changes and we begin to treat each other as fellow beings rather than as superiors or inferiors, this deep-rooted social evil is not going to disappear. Labels in the name of religion – divided further into castes –are just that – labels. If there is anything they should be associated with, it is diversity; they are just different colors of a broad spectrum of which all of us are equal and important parts. If I tell you to dismantle the whole system of inbuilt prejudice overnight, you’ll tell me even all forms of God can’t do it – and I wouldn’t fight you on it. What I can ask you, reader, is look past the label. Look past a person’s name and attire. Instead, look at how you both enjoy the same kind of coffee. Or how you have all the same celebrity crushes, and enjoy books of the same authors. Look at the things they believe in – you’ll find most often they are the same as yours. Labels aren’t signs of warning; they’re signs that we aren’t all the same – which is only a thing to celebrate. After all, the world will be a pretty boring place without its rich diverse culture and heritage! At the end, all I would like say is that a small step you take to wipe out hesitance to come together as one - can make a lot of difference.

Photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash

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