Our generation is going to be the custodians of the future and Change Leaders are those do-ers who are highly passionate to bring social change that will save our future through simple actions and inspire others to do so as well. No time in history before, have there been so many young people on our planet. Now is the time for the world to have Change Leaders.

Change Leaders take on ground action towards changing the world and encourage others to do so as well in the process.


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WYC is a leading not-for-profit organization working towards empowering youth development and action. WYC trusts that effervescent, empowered and earnest young people possess the power to change the world if they are supplemented with guided call to actions. The organization works with young aged individuals (12-30) to ensure their self development through workshops, trainings, exploration and activity based unique sessions across the country.

Registered as Youth Effect, under Indian Trust Act, 1882
Reg No. 4853